Stop Lying to Yourselves

The fabulous George Takei this morning posted this photo on his Facebook page


words of advice I have been hearing for about 30 years, but funny nonetheless.  And while I didn’t have time to read all of the 276798364 comments that his posts routinely receive because he is all the awesome, the ones I did read were unanimously in agreement with the sentiment.

However, I submit to you the following:

You are sitting outside on a beautiful summer morning, eating waffles.  Along comes a unicorn.  It stops at your table to say hello.  You get to talking, and it is every bit as magical as legend made it out to be.  You finish your waffles.  It says “Hey, let’s go to the park!”  You have nothing else to do on this beautiful summer morning, so you go to the park with your new unicorn friend.  It says “Hey, let’s play leapfrog!”  And what do you do?

You play the leapfrog.  Because it’s a goddamn unicorn.  Seriously.  You’re at the park with a goddamn unicorn, and it wants to play leapfrog, and you’re going to do it.  Because, as previously stated,


Everyone stops at the “my ass flying over pointy object high risk situation to be avoided at all costs” aspect of the scenario, and no one considers the reality of the situation, which is that you just met a goddamn unicorn.

Be honest with yourselves.  You know you would play the leapfrog.
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