Privacy Policy

Pretty simple:

1 – There is a 30-day session cookie that prevents you having to verify your age every time you access this site. You will only have to verify your age once a month. Unless you have a way better time machine than I do, the answer to “are you over 18?” should not change. That is the only thing even vaguely resembling personal information that will be asked for in order to access this site.

2 – I’m still trying to figure out why the Birds are so Angry so I wouldn’t even know where to begin “collecting?” info even if I wanted to. Which I don’t. Maybe when I’m caught up on my laundry I can start a second career of info collecting? Doubtful but I’ll let you know if/when that happens.

(Spoiler alert: it won’t happen ever)

3 – If you buy something that isn’t a download, I’ll need a name & address to ship it. If you buy something that is a download, I’ll need an email address. That info is stored on our private server until I manually delete it which I usually forget to do so it just sits there. If you buy something and would like your info deleted after I ship/you download the thing, let me know and it will be done.

4 – I am absolutely not of the “aHA I have through some means obtained your email address so shall now put you on my mailing list!” school. That pisses me off and I hate it. The mailing list here is strictly conscious-decision action-item opt-in styles. The only way to get on it is if you want to. (If you do want to, you can do that here.)