• The 2023 Summer of 1000 Tomatoes

    If memory serves, 2017 was the first garden year I set the goal of someday having a Summer of 1000 Tomatoes. In 2019, I harvested in the mid 600s. Not a bad crop for a small container garden in a big city, but I still had hope for more.

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  • The Margarita Bundt

    In 2011, I began my tradition of baking an original-recipe Bundt cake in observance of National Bundt Day, which is November 15th.

    In March 2017, I wrote up the post for the cake I baked in November 2015. I wasn’t planning on that tardiness becoming part of my tradition, but here we are today, in July 2019, and I’m writing up the cake I baked in November 2018.

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  • This is Ugly?

    Earlier this week, I signed up for a weekly delivery from Imperfect. They sell ugly produce considered not salable through more traditional outlets due to, as the name states, imperfections. By doing so, they reduce waste of not only food but water and land, help farmers get paid for more of their harvests, improve our entire food system in a lot of ways. I am all about this.

    Last night, we received our first delivery. And I am absolutely furious right now.

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