• This can’t possibly end well

    I admit, I’m kind of a slob. My desk is a disaster. There are usually about 147 things on it, only 8 of which are strictly necessary to my workflow. read more

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  • Word Cloud Treasures

    I was looking at the word cloud on Ye Olde Blog today. The widget I chose allows a fair amount of customization, but is still, at the end of the day, a thing built to randomize shit. read more

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  • Yes, I say “Please” when I ask Siri to do shit

    I have a pan that is dishwasher-safe but that will hold a lot of water at the end of the cycle. So I try (and often fail) to remember to take it out of the dishwasher as soon as possible. My usual reminder is to put the measuring spoon I use to feed the dogs in the dishwasher because I have to grab that at certain times otherwise there shall be no peace as my poor dogs wither away to nothing. read more

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  • Rara Avis

    This morning as I was putting away groceries I said to myself “that’s a weird-looking bird and why do they have a bird on the box anyway?” and then I realized I should probably have more coffee.

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  • The Big 10-4

    To the best of my knowledge, no one in my family was ever a trucker. That didn’t stop my dad from trying to convince us as kids that October 4th was a holiday. read more

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  • Every October…

    I feel like the only person in the English-speaking world who has never seen Hocus Pocus. read more

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  • So I just replied to elebintyzillion comments…

    I just finished replying to blog and gallery page comments dating back to 2017. And that, my friends, is not ideal. So this is me, promising to be better. read more

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  • About that tattoo…

    Visible in the photo set I did for my 49th birthday is a small tattoo over my right hipbone. It isn’t new, I got it about 15 years ago. My decision to let it be visible in my photos, however, is new. So for anyone who might want to hear a story, here is the one about that tattoo and why you’ll be seeing it from now on. read more

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  • Drought-Friendly Beauty Tips

    It’s no secret that California is in a permanent state of not-enough-waterness, but now, it has reached serious bad times.  Shit, as the kids say, just got very real.

    “California Imposes First Mandatory Water Restrictions”

    The basics, from not watering your lawn and flower garden to wearing your clothes more than once before laundering and, to put it delicately, letting things mellow, are no longer sufficient to keep California running.

    (And before you say “well I don’t live there, so it doesn’t matter to me” allow me to point out that yes, it very much does matter to you.  The California Central Valley, on less than 1% of the nation’s farmland, produces 8% of the nation’s agricultural output.  And 90% of the nation’s avocados.  So if you ever want to see your guacamole again, you’ll help us out.)
    read more

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  • Stop Lying to Yourselves

    The fabulous George Takei this morning posted this photo on his Facebook page


    words of advice I have been hearing for about 30 years, but funny nonetheless.  And while I didn’t have time to read all of the 276798364 comments that his posts routinely receive because he is all the awesome, the ones I did read were unanimously in agreement with the sentiment.

    However, I submit to you the following: read more

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  • What I Learned from Helen Gurley Brown

    I have never purchased a copy of Cosmopolitan in my life.  In fact, it has rarely done anything other than annoy me with its covers featuring too-perfect women, too good to be true “lifestyle tips”, too far beyond the average budget “must haves”, its constant subtle implications that, happy though I may think myself, I could be doing better.  Nay, I should be doing better.

    However, it must be said that the work of Helen Gurley Brown has had a profound impact on me and the way I live my life, an impact that has so far spanned 25+ years and will no doubt continue as long as I do.  I first read Sex and the Single Girl as a teenager, back in the 80’s.  I have reread it several times since then.  And not a day goes by that I don’t apply something I learned from that book to something I am doing that day.  I’m not single, and I’m no longer really a “girl” in the youthful sense of the word, but the lessons still apply, some even more so now than they did when I was younger and on my own. read more

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  • Dear Diet Karma; We Need to Talk

    Dear Diet Karma,

    I know we’ve had our differences in the past, but it’s a new year now and I feel the time has come for us to set those differences aside and work together toward a common end.  Specifically, my end.  The rear one.

    The standard science behind the loss and gain of weight is, of course, the ratio of caloric intake to caloric burn.  But the details of that seem to contain inconsistencies; for instance, number of calories in pure fat vs. body fat.  Not telling you how to do your job, just saying there’s obviously room for some discretionary allowances on your part.  That being said, I would like to request that I be given a weight-gain pass on consumption of the following items: read more

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