Who Is This Person?

Harlean Carpenter is a poet, model, self-portraitist, general smartass, and specific caller of bullshit on ageism.

When not occupied with all of that, she is an avid home cook & baker, sometime blogger, voracious consumer of cosy mysteries, and spoiler of two senior rescue dogs; a Min Pin named Lady Byng, and a Lancashire Heeler named Gilfoyle.

Her poetry ventures began in 1977, when she wrote and embroidered onto a pillow a truly awful sestet for a Father’s Day gift. She likes to think her work, both literary and as a seamstress, has improved since.

so gift
many Hallmark
w o w

On the modeling side of things, she began posing for figure studies and artistic nudes in 1988, and has worked on and off as a model and photographer’s assistant ever since, modeling becoming more of a full-time habit when she started PoeticPinup.com in 2007.

first shoot ever, 1988

Her exploration into self-portraiture began in 2019 and she still has very little idea what is going on.

do what now

She is addicted to online word games, owns far too many hats, never met a Merlot she didn’t drink, and is not at all comfortable writing about herself in the third person.

Portrait of the artist as not a morning person
the mug couldn’t say it if it weren’t true

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