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Poetic Pinup is a free site with all content available to all visitors, and that’s the way it will stay. But as is the case with all things we do on this big beautiful rock we call home, what we do here requires funds. So if you’ve enjoyed your visit, we hope you’ll consider doing one of the following:

Sign Up for Ebates
Ebates is essentially a referral program on steroids. If you shop online AT ALL, you want to have an account with them. In the year since I signed up, I’ve gotten over $200 cash back just for buying things I was going to buy anyway. And they have a handy button you can download that will alert you if you’re on a site that offers cash back. Sign up by clicking the banner below, and Poetic Pinup will receive a few bucks to put in our New Fishnets Fund.
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back
Visit Our Shop
Signed prints, wardrobe items and props, shoot-worn stockings, all things Poetic Pinup for sale can be found here.
Your one-time donation will help us cover operating costs. And possibly increase our shoe budget. But mostly it will go toward hosting fees, printing costs, studio expenses, all that sort of thing.

Help Us Out When You Shop At Amazon
If you’re shopping at Amazon anyway, we’d appreciate it tremendously if you would begin via this link:
Become a Patron
Details coming soon, please check back or sign up for the mailing list
Sponsor a Gallery
We’re bringing back the Win-Win-Win-Win-Win Gallery Sponsorship Program, but still need to finalize the details. So please check back or sign up for the mailing list

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