Mason Jar Gifts For & From Guys

Last year, as I was putting together a few last-minute things for the holidays, these happened:

Yes, I jumped aboard the Mason jar gift trend train, whipped up a batch of just-add-water microwave mug cake mix, added some festive fabric and ribbon and a cute little instruction card, and just like that, three gifts done.  For women.

And that’s where I paused.  For women.  It is so easy to do this sort of thing for women.  We love cake that happens in 40 seconds.  We love cute.  We love the little glass Universe of infinite possibility that is the Mason jar gift.

So I said to my best friend, who happened to be nearby and happens to be a guy, “We should do stuff like this for guys.  Guys like stuff in containers, right?  We should do Mason jar gifts for them.”

And so, in this, the season of giving, we give to you a few ideas for simple, meaningful, from-the-heart Mason jar gifts for the guys in your life.

The holidays are a wonderful time to spoil the people in your life.  Just because they might have something every day, that doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate you splurging a bit and letting them enjoy it in a new way.


The holidays can also be hectic for everyone.  A gift that makes everyday chores easier is, ultimately, the gift of extra time with family & friends.


Try to keep your friends’ specific interests in mind when selecting the contents of your jar.


Are they into a healthy and active lifestyle?  Perhaps they’d appreciate something to balance all the treats that appear during the holidays.


Or perhaps something that will allow them to indulge even more.


A nod to someone’s specific pop culture interests is always a thoughtful gift idea.


As is something that helps them enjoy a favorite hobby even more.


Do you have one of those friends who is always so enviably organized? Help him stay that way!


Or help him stay closer to the things he loves.


Or help him find them.


Skip the expensive colognes and grooming gift packs that all too often just gather dust on bathroom shelves, give them something you know they’ll use!


Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like gifts from the kitchen!


Who doesn’t love a sweet treat?  Especially one fresh from the oven.


Or one that takes you back to your childhood.


But perhaps not everyone on your list has a sweet tooth. Consider a selection of savory gifts as well.


And don’t limit yourself to just Mason jars! Any sturdy container can serve as an attractive base for your gift, especially when a few thematic extras are included.


If you’re at a loss for ideas, just remember, your friends are your friends for a reason; you probably have a lot in common.  So you won’t go far wrong giving them something you would enjoy having yourself!


(All photos by Jerry Seeger.  For a more descriptively guy-friendly version of this list, check out his post here.)
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