June 2013 – Hockey

Ladylike poise drops
Wine fuels F-bomb-laden rants
Because It’s The Cup

playoff-blinded refs
unless your name is Torres
then all bets are off

Big strong sweaty men
Clacking sticks pucks sliding icy fast
Fights and penalty box
~Cricket LaFaux

watch the rubber puck
hockey night in Canada
go team go, oh fuck!

Man I love this game
Checks, boards, icing, minors, majors
Shoots, rebound, shoots, SCORES!!!
~Paul W.

Boston rejoices
The Bruins are closing in
On Stanley. Go B’s!!
~Bill F.

Watch that hockey puck
Glide at breakneck speed across
Heavy traffic ice.
~Scott W.

Placing a friend’s bet
Ended up in teal, oh yuck
Next game, Wings win. YES!
~Paul W.

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