Nifty Prizes!

If you’re on the mailing list, or following me on any of Ye Olde Socials, you know by now that I’m on Team Next Door Solutions participating in the In It To End It fitness fundraiser benefitting the Bay Against Abuse coalition.

The event ends on July 31. As I type this, I am 64.76 miles into my 71 mile goal. I feel good about my chances.

I am also $200 over my original $500 goal so then I decided to aim for doubling it. Then Jerry & I decided to combine our individual fundraisers into a big happy fundraiserpalooza, and between the two of us we have now broken the $1000 mark.

Power Couple Achievement: UNLOCKED

But here’s the thing; while we have met our humble individual goal, the goal for the entire fundraiser was $25K and of that, less than $4K has currently been raised.

Enter Nifty Prizes.

ANY donation of $5 or more, to either my or Jerry’s fundraiser, will get your name in a drawing to win one of the following nifty prizes.



Custom artwork of You & Mexican Food by Bay Area artist Liz Markus. The piece shown here is of me & chile rellenos. Yours will be of you & perhaps something other than chile rellenos. Winner’s choice. Print or digital image, also winner’s choice.
‘Incendiary’ original painting by Colorado artist Sarah Raban. Measures 14×14, acrylic on stretched canvas
The ‘Get Over Tit’ 4 eBook package from Cate Bolt. Or $10 off any other purchase from her shop, if sweary embroidery suits your mood more than boobs. No judgement here. We have 10 of these to give away.
$30 gift certificate to The Wicked Garden, purveyor of high quality estate jewelry and oddities. You’ve seen me wearing stuff from her. It’s all lovely.
Limited edition ‘Pity Party’ CD from Glasgow musician & model Anna Secret Poet. The one in the photo is my copy. You can’t have it. But you can win your own.
Yorkshire poet Claire Richardson’s sold out chapbook There’s This Girl I Think You Should Meet. When I say “sold out” I mean this thing sold out in like 48 hours. But sometimes things can be found for worthy donors.
A signed, matted & framed print of my ‘Dryad’ self portrait. Print measures 8×10, frame is 10×12.
Once upon a time, some friends & I ran a group called Tits On A Unicorn, all about body positivity & women empowering women & unicorns & boobs. We had merch. I still have a blank journal which will have in it a new poem & doodle of some sort when it goes on its way to one lucky winner. I use the word “lucky” loosely here.

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