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I feel like the only person in the English-speaking world who has never seen Hocus Pocus.

And the weirdest part is I’m not even sure why I’ve never seen it. It was released when I was in my early 20s and seeing a lot of movies. I love Bette Midler. I love witchy stuff. I actually visited Salem right around the time Hocus Pocus was released on the ancient artifactual medium known as “VHS” at a time when introverted me liked nothing more than to spend a weekend at home eating takeout and burning my way through new releases. But somehow this one never made it to my VCR.

Another movie it shocks me to admit I’ve never seen is This Is Spinal Tap but I already have plans to remedy that. I’ve informed my husband that, if we don’t watch it beforehand, we will be watching it on Valentine’s Day 2020.

Because that is the day before my 50th birthday and I’ll be damned if I turn 50 never having seen a movie I’ve been quoting for decades.

So maybe I should try to watch Hocus Pocus sometime before then, too…
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