October 2011 – Masks & Disguises

Ever-shifting mask
now I see you, now I don’t;
have I ever really?

you, salty, smoky;
robed in cheese, onions, mushrooms
bacon, you can’t hide.
continuing her run of blending
Bacon with all other topics

pumpkins and witches
evil tricks or else sweet treats
hidden behind mask

papier-mache mask
modeled after happiness
unbreakable grin

best night of the year;
I get to have purple hair
AND I get candy

this month Halloween
for fun will dress as drag queen
or paint face in green

scary beings walk
from one house to another
while witches “trick or treat”
to fill their bags with goodies
wear a mask to go “guising”

Face to cover face
Not sure which one is the truth
Hidden or revealed?
~Paul W.

How do I know you?
I sense something familiar.
Show me the real you.

Rip down the facade
disguises for protection
nude and shattered soul
~Cricket LaFaux

my face is revealed
though my heart masked and hidden
bloody and broken

scots go “guising”
while jack o’ lanterns haunt
and masked marauders trick

me or maybe not
I wear a mask you can’t break
don’t bother trying

Which mask choses us?
Seductive lies call to us
expose secret truths

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