August 2009 – Bacon

crisp pink perfection
the pig’s noble sacrifice
as the chicken smiles

someone needs to make
bacon ice cream in a cone
made of more bacon

walking my bacon
down a cold abandoned street
inside, i am warm

bacon is not food
greasy crispy ambrosia
strips of life itself

delicious bacon
my blah breakfast transforms to
greasy paradise

if bacon was a
vacuum cleaner, it would still
not suck in the least

damn i love bacon
it is just so delicious
my face just fell off

Back when we were kids
Liz and I would eat bacon
then go to the park

steaming, popping, hot drops
greasy delicious goodness
worth the pain of the burn
~Cricket LaFaux

in my dreams i see
a bacon utopia
i wish it was real

i crave you, bacon
deep in my heart, you must know
we will never part

i tried to quit you
my sweet, tender pork product
but, bacon, i can’t

the awesome power
you wield over me, bacon
is omnipotent

on my screen i see
websites all about bacon
it’s an awesome world

salty, sweet, tender
you thin slab of ambrosia
i shall yield to you

one month of bacon?
that is not nearly enough
to sate my desire

Aromatic pork
sizzling in fat and sodium
blessed future death.
~Enigmatic Knight

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