October 2009 – Haunting

Vision of nothing
only when I look away
can I see you there

That one guy who said
“yesterday upon the stair”?
I know what he means

there but not not there
presence of absence not absent of presence
being not being being not
~Lance Strate

She floats on the breeze
a wave of silvery smoke
with no warmth inside
~Andy Robertson

you won’t believe it!
i was in a dark closet
haunted by bacon
continuing her run of blending
the August topic with all others

behind me, always
breath on my neck, a whisper
too quiet to hear

Dark circles of eyes
wander thru funhouse mirrors
scared by myself
~knight enigma

A trail, bitter wind.
cloud descend, a touch unknown.
gone, nothing to see.

night blind with fright
searches everywhere for her
lost moon…cat meows

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