November 2009 – Gratitude

Counting my blessings
joyously vexed unclear of
where they start and end

sometimes I forget
I have everything I want
wanting what I have

Bad turns to be good
Good always conquers evil
Thankful for karma
~Mr. Crowley’s Better Half

Small things give great joy
Sunsets children and birdsong
make life worth living
~ +*¨^¨*+ VïRgÎñiÃ+*¨^¨*+

Haiku can be fun
I wish I could write Haiku
But I don’t know how
~Eric Brooks

when i have bacon
i am filled with gratitude
to the universe
continuing her streak of combining
the August topic with all others

Grateful for pain’s prick
prodding my new movement
a better person
~Enigmatic Knight

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