March 2011 – Alcohol

You are the full glass
the bubbles in my champagne

why is my hair green
who is W.K.Z.
and where are my socks?
from the “Going Green” Haiku Contest

an experiment
irish cream, mint, and bacon
a gross green failure
from the “Going Green” Haiku Contest
and continuing her run of blending
Bacon with all other topics

festively colored beer and abysnth
Seemed like a fun party idea
Green puke, not so much
from the “Going Green” Haiku Contest

Oh to be Irish,
the grass, the beer is green,
I drink of it now!
~Trudy H.
from the “Going Green” Haiku Contest

think I will relax
so I will go get a beer
and sit on the couch
~George N.

Why do people drink
is it cause of the bubbles
it tickles the nose
~George N.

our affair is bittersweet
I release myself in our togetherness
why does my evil twin appear
~Cricket LaFaux

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