January 2010 – Second Chances

A next time composed
of equal parts know and dare
nothing is wasted

had fun falling down
but I won’t do that again
well, until I do

i’m sorry, bacon
please forgive me for my flaws
and love me again
continuing her run of blending
Bacon with all other topics

She screamed through the door
her chances all ran away
with the first loud word
~Andy Robertson

The last time – delineated
Unequal parts – madness and lies
Why I get wasted

Thinks about last night
unintended screams, rants, rage
see her car return

Breakfast plate empty
A swift call for the wait staff
“Some more bacon please.”
doing his part to prove that
everything goes with Bacon

Fire goes off near ear
Bullet blossoms in my head
Still standing, coward!
~Enigmatic Knight

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