August 2012 – Ink

Milk-white page awaits
your delicate lettering;
tell me what you think

“don’t write on your hand,
you’ll die of ink poisoning”
I think they were wrong

whenever i write
about bacon and the like
the grease smears the ink
continuing her run of blending
Bacon with all other topics

Used as a smoke screen
Octopus releases ink
murky dark water

Writing obsession
bleeding ink on computer
not paper and pen

potential only
blackness waiting, yearning
to die in a word

Drink, Think, Ink
Permanent in my skin
Paper- lost, burned, forgotten
~Cricket LaFaux

On page or on skin
You are always art to me
Always part of me

black ink
my blue haiku
~Tom Dougherty

blood inked flow
over hands down ears
into passions full stop
~philip robins

wet ink on marriage license
at least the dog shows interest
in me
~Cricket LaFaux

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