April 2012 – Gardens

dirt under my nails
rose-thorn scratches, sun-burnt nose
my kind of heaven

bind weed go away
don’t come back another day
roses tangled up

monochrome pet peeve
wild rainbow varied textures
my laughing garden

driveway sunflowers
I don’t know who put that there
must’ve been a squirrel

my bacon is red
and my violets are blue
this haiku’s for you
continuing her run of blending
Bacon with all other topics

Pistachio shells
Salt and pepper on new rye
Planting all the same
~Enigmatic Knight

Flowers all in bloom
My yard looks totally fab
Gotta love “Green Queen”
~Paul W.

Some weeds are pretty
Growing in the wrong places
I know how they feel
~Donna O.

misty morning light
glistens on the garden path…
find the pot of gold

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