Woman at Work

Photography by Jerry Seeger

These photos were the result of a very small piece of plumbing deciding to assert itself and prove that even a very small piece of plumbing can make a very big difference in the world.  Specifically, in my world.  This shoot was done in what was left of my kitchen and living room, after everything unsalvageable was removed, what was left dried out, and before the putting-back-togetherness started.  Because what the hell, when again was I ever going to have a cool set like this right in my very own house?

Hopefully, never.

~HC 9/24/12

"Handyman's Dream" from 'Somewhere Between' by Suzy Bogguss
“Handyman’s Dream” from ‘Somewhere Between’ by Suzy Bogguss

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  1. It’s so cool that you can be playful and goofy like this!

  2. Can we fix it? YES WE CAN


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