Story Telling

Short stories, flash fiction, any stack of words I felt like writing that isn’t a poem

Things about a Sunday morning in summer – the title pretty well sums it up

The Fledgling pieces began as a character, and stories grew around her. They may become a novel someday, or I may just write more bits of story.
Fledgling I – Arrival
Fledgling II – Questioning
Fledgling III – Learnings

The Last Last Time – A semi-humorous account of my own experiences, and the experiences of people I love, dealing with depression and suicidal urges

Hotline – A Halloween story, aka ‘That Time a Ghost Broke My Blender’

Secret – A Valentine’s Day story written from a First Line prompt. I later deleted the first line but kept the story.

Turning Corners – I had some very strange dreams after I retired from the mortgage business. This was one of them.

Whiling Away a Summer Evening – Helping a friend through a loss, one drink at a time

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