September 2010 – Teaching

Things that bruised and bled
tore through and then settled in
things I can now share

In their little minds
is the power to expand
putty in my hands
~M. Jennifer Markus

Physics, they say ‘ick’
“That stuff is so boring, Miss”
Then they start to play
~M. Jennifer Markus

don’t do as I do
you just saw me do it wrong
now do as I say

I’m so sorry Miss
the damned dog ate my homework
this poem survived

“It’s hard to do math
Impossible more like it”
They prove themselves wrong
~M. Jennifer Markus

Solid barricade
but they want me to come through
hand out, arms open
~M. Jennifer Markus

I know I’m Crazy
thinking crazy I am not
Craziness is being myself
~Mike Stephenson

Offer a prayer
It may help, though unlikely
Who really knows?

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