Past Silly Contests

EIGHT IS ENOUGH: You have been tasked with naming a litter of 8 kittens, 4 male and 4 female, what will you call them?
WINNER: Xicos Medellin

1)Dog ( I had a cat named dog lol)
2)Scratchy (definitely Simpson’s related)
4) Stop that!

1)Miss Pennyfarts
4)Selina Meow”
I LOVE THIS BAR: If you opened a bar, what would you call it?
WINNER: Xicos Medellin

“I would name it “The Gym” ”
YOUR BASIC SILLY CAPTION CONTEST: Because this photo clearly has something to say.
WINNER: Maximillian

“I thought you said I’d find my clothes back here…?”
YOUR SIGNATURE YOGA POSE: If you had a signature yoga pose, what would it be?
WINNER: Jerry Chandler

“The Collapsed Crab- That’s where you lose it while trying to do an advanced pose on one leg, quickly stagger sideways, and fall down into a twisted heap that looks more like you’re playing a game of Twister.”
CLEANING HOUSE: New year. Fresh start. What is the one thing you most desperately need to clear out of your house?

“drawers and drawers of IT gear.. lots of it obsolete”
ALL THEY WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: Money is no object. What is the one gift you would most love to give?
WINNER: Kenneth Kebortz

“I would give them the funds to be able to travel to the one place that they’ve always wanted to go but never could because of finances.”
YOUR 70s BAND NAME: If it were the 70s again, and you were starting a band, what would you call it?

“Edith Sidebottom and the Paisley Skirts”
YOUR HOUSE, YOUR RULES: If you were to start your own line of clothing, what is the one thing you would either insist on or forbid absolutely?
WINNER: thedrunkenodyssey

“No polyester”
PLAY ALONG: If you wrote a play based on your life, what would you call it?
WINNER: Donna Ortolan

“Vertically Challenged & Other Points of View”
WHAT MOTIVATES YOU? Sometimes, things are easy and go exactly as planned. The other 98.2% of the time, they are and do not. List 3 things that help you push onward.
WINNER: Kenneth Kebortz

“Three things that motivate me are: my family, my work, and my friends”
HOW I SPENT MY POETIC PINUP HIATUS: Your most outlandish, flagrantly falsified account of what you were up to for the 3 years between the site teardown & relaunch.
WINNER: Piaras Séamus MacCallow Egerton
“during the last 3 years i have been held hostage by orangutans, sentient space melons and finally, garden gnomes, it all started one night while knitting a onsie, i was abducted by orangutans, after they were falsely informed i had stolen their laptop. once held captive by the orangutans i slowly gained their trust and learnt them how to build space ships, i won 7 awards for these advancements and together we set off into space, our trip took us just a few short days to reach the furthest edge of the milky way, where we encountered sentient life in the form of space melons. after forgetting to bring packed lunch the orangutans viewed these space melons with hungry eyes, the war between orangutans and sentient space melons had begun, i tried to mediate to avoid this war but alas i failed and the orangutans were beaten. I pleaded with the sentient space melons to be allowed to travel home but they wouldnt let me. so i hatched a cunning plan to escape by dressing up as a space melon, i made a suit and escaped in one of their ships, alas not knowing exactly how this space ship worked, i made some mistakes and instead of hyperspace i entered alternative space, i arrived back at earth to find the planet ruled by garden gnomes and lawn flamingos, this was a utter nightmare, my stolen ship was impounded and stripped to reverse engineer the tech, i was questioned at length but they realised i didnt know nothing so sent me to live in a garden, i had to stand all day by a fish pond holding a rod while garden gnomes mocked me. 2 years passed as i stood their fishing, i was hatching a cunning plan though and one night when the gnomes guard was down, i sneaked off and broke into the garden shed and in true A Team style and a little macgyver cunning i developed a device to open a one time rift back to my reality, the portal opened and i stepped through, this is how i came to be here, sadly this is the wrong dimension for me but it is pretty close, but not my one. i am now destined to live my life out here as negative charged nomnomnomisolate isnt available here”

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