May 2012 – Loss

Newly empty space;
is life taking away or
simply making room?

thought I lost my way
turns out all I really lost
was just being stuck

walk in the forest ~
light of lost wisdom
on paths lined with birch

not in my pocket
oh where are my sunglasses
the bus pulls away

I search for him still
remember me too first love
a bit in your heart

It was here right here
the thing I knew, part of me
don’t know what it was

Too many secrets
Too many signs overlooked
Now my Aunt is gone
~Miss Melody

moving house
a single shoe lost
new hom
~philip robins

In my anger
I lost your love
And found my freedom
~Florence Guerin

Breaking family ties
Done with the hurt and the lies
My load is lighter
~Miss Melody

a name once used
slips away
not forgotten
~philip robins

my greatest loss
is the self I knew
in my youth
~Merlene Fawdry

Riding down the road
Oh shit! seventy-eight ford
Man! I miss my dad.
~Paul W.

myself, MY self?
Tears, hollow Heart
~Cricket LaFaux

Chances, hopes, dreams
wiped away by reality
perception skewed
~Cricket LaFaux

The love I left
a gaping wound in my soul
my sweet angel

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