March 2012 – Weather

Brain drifts in the sun
Rain is when I get thinks done
Thank heavens for both

Wind rain blowing snow
this is supposed to be spring
hot topic on bus

Rain cleanses so well
It brings puddles to splash through
drips dancing in air

can’t splash sunpuddles
throw rainballs or get snowtans
take what you can get

Arctic air brings snow
Bundled I check my garden
tulips poke the earth
~Donna O.

Rain is disaster
It pours and rips apart life
So much water kills

springtime sun shower ~
raindrops fall in a straight line
puddles curve and wave

No clue what to wear
Summer clothes still in storage
But it’s hot outside
~Miss Melody

I don’t like winter
But I don’t like to be hot
Springtime, where are you
~Miss Melody

north south weather line
the blue and the gray at war…
a springtime skirmish

devil winds scream
old cherry tree gone
with our initials.
~Tom D.

Bipolar weather
First freezing, now I’m sweating
When will it be spring
~Miss Melody

A quilt surrounds me
watching icicles melting
I wait for Spring’s kiss
~Donna O.

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