January 2012 – Dark

Relishing the night,
fluorescent cacophony’s
dark quiet ending

unicorn nightlight
closet monster Kryptonite
I’m not scared of you

My mind a tangled
web of your soul’s worst nightmare
You will not escape

homeless folk gather
beyond illuminations
a joyless new year

meteors shine
like flying icicles
in the dark winter sky

on the beach of death
crimson hot sand strewn with souls
the tide rushes in

glistening prisms
once reflected my spirit
mind’s light extinguished

grey winter image ~
no color in the garden
the fog hides the frost

white plastic bag
hangs in a black alder
Ad infinitum

Dark, so very dark
I can’t see a freaking thing
Oh! Turn on the light
~Paul W.

the darkness envelopes us
stars glistening
dreams at the edge of awareness
~Cricket LaFaux

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