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When I realized “sheltering in place” is 5 syllables, I knew the time had come to end the Haiku Stew hiatus.

sheltering in place
you can make a lot of things
with canned garbanzos

sheltering in place
laundry done and put away
all in the same day?!

And from some friends on Facebook:

Sheltering in place
What can I make with
Toilet paper and canned beans

Sheltering in place
Dishes are boring
But not as bad as laundry

Sheltering in place
is, let’s say, interesting
when you have six cats.
~Carol Anne

Sheltering in place
Go out only to buy food
Wash your fucking hands

sheltering in place
can’t buy bacon when i want
good thing i have some

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One comment
  1. Sheltering in place
    Boredom sets in. That’s not good
    Yay motorcycles.


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