February 2012 – Pleasure

Cupcakes, red high heels,
sharing a sunrise with you;
things that make me smile

yummy chocolate
dark nutty or milk, smooth silk
tongue licks fingers clean

Snow blows, breath frosty
Nose tip numb, cheeks apple red
fire glows toes wiggle

laundromat after
jumping in that huge puddle
totally worth it

A nervous first kiss
Wondering how it will go
A long time love blooms
~Paul W.

Slick and slippery kisses
sliding against wet skin
swimming under the moon
~Cricket LaFaux

Tender hugs and kisses
smiles so pure and genuine
reminders of why I am a mom

glorious morning
backlit sundress silhouette
makes me smile softly

feline erotic games
playing dodge with the traffic
Miss Charlotte, waiting

china white
dragon uncurls gracefully
above the ivory bowl

Moonlit petals open
To night’s most gentle touch
Willows sigh, ecstatic

mad and thunderous…
love made steamy in the light
of the full storm moon

valentine reverie…
the sounds of heavy breathing
become sweet sheet music

over Mum’s shoulder
the baby looks up at me
breaking into smiles

cardboard house
homeless builds a sailboat
by piece of paper
~Umit Battal

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