Closing Time

This set was originally shot back in 2011, and given a fresh color edit in 2021. In addition to the fresh color edit, I started from scratch with the original files and didn’t do the retouching I did when the set was first posted. That’s one of my projects for the year; reposting old sets with less editing. Once upon a time, I truly believed that touching up a photo to remove any and all traces of imperfection was what “the pros do” and what differentiated an amateur image from a professional one. Now I know that’s a large pile of steaming crap 🙂

Photography by Jerry Seeger

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One comment
  1. Harlean, you looked great in 2011, and you look great today, unretouched and “unfiltered” as always. I would share a Guinness or two with you anytime my friend =)


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