A Girl, A Harp, & A Photo Contest

Once upon a time, there was a girl with a harp who forgot to get dressed, and a guy with a camera who was nice enough to bring the naked harp-playing girl a cup of coffee, which he rather carelessly set down on top of a dictionary, but then he took some really nice pictures so the girl forgave him, and when a group of vigilante lexicographers stormed the camera guy’s house in a not-quite-so forgiving mood, the girl took it upon herself to get dressed and repel the intruders with eggs and empty shampoo bottles and penguin-themed haiku all hurled at high speed and volume, and when the lexicographers had retreated and the eggs and shampoo bottles had been cleared away and they had almost managed to forget they ever heard the words

“ersatz tuxedo
your informal bent belies;
swim and mock no more!”

they lived happily ever after.

And obviously this must be a true story because we have pictures, one of which took second place in a music-themed photo contest. Photography by Jerry Seeger.

“(Exactly Where We’re From)” from ‘C’mon Miracle’ by Mirah

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  1. Is the harp yours? If not, where does one get a harp, I wonder?

    • It is my harp. Sort of. The story of The Harp is here 😛

      • It’s funny how things work out. I wonder if Gabby Reece’s Mom, or Gabby Reece herself, have ever thought about the harp since they left it in your husband’s storage locker. I think it would make an intriguing title for a story though – ‘Gabby Reece’s Mom’s harp’ 🙂


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