I started doing birthday shoots when I turned 46, and had grand plans for my 50th birthday. Then things got very craptastic and pandemicky, and I never found the simultaneous energy, motivation, and time to do the shoot I wanted to do to commemorate that milestone.

Having missed that year, I really wanted to do something special for my 51st. And when I saw these pasties from The Playful Pear, I knew exactly what that something special would be.

So here I am, unretouched, as I began my 52nd year, with a sparkly message for all the people who think maybe I shouldn’t still be doing what I’m doing.

Photography by Jerry Seeger

Just before my birthday, Grocery Outlet had the Giant Cupcake Pan which I have always wanted so now I have it and my 51st birthday party was this giant cupcake and a bottle of dessert wine.

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  1. Holly Mother of Pearl, WOW! 51?…You, my friend, look incredible, a BIG F-U incredible indeed! Love the pictures, that outfit and it’s contents are just too much to handle!

    • Direct, yet tasteful. You’re as beautiful as ever.

  2. Fantastic shoot. You look great!


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