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Things that rhyme with “wormhole”

“Wormhole” caught my eye in the rhyming dictionary today
and I stopped reading, set it down
and tried to figure out exactly what kind of person
would try to rhyme anything with “wormhole”?
Under what possible circumstance would that be useful?
What pseudo-intellectual pretentious fuck
would consider that necessary?
And would that same person then make the leap
to rhyming “spacetime” with “sublime paradigm”
or better yet end a line with “paradigm” then
and deeply meaningful
before continuing with
and moving on to explore more fully
the glorious metaphorical possibilities
of hypothetical shortcuts across the universe?

And I had almost fully fleshed out my emotional sketch artist’s rendition
of this fictional someone
bemusement, disdain and all
when I remembered that I’m the one sitting here
with nothing to write about
reading the rhyming dictionary

Green for a trove
of everyday objects
things you give no thought to
I’ve given much thought to
and maybe it takes
a special kind of fool
to envy a pen
a ring of keys
the tie you wore today
a special kind of fool
or maybe
just a girl
who would like to know
what it is to be
you reach for
run your fingers over
hold in the palm of your hand

There will always be things wrong
that and cats
are why we have the Internet
and most days I want
(at least to try)
to be a bright spot
a little something
(if I can)
on days of so much
everything proving nothing is right
to be
(just a little)
something that isn’t wrong

And most days I can (try)

Today there is too much
and smiling just feels like hypocrisy

“good enough”
familiarize me
with its worn edges
lay my hand on each
of its four sides
the violent green
at its base
and chalky blue
of its too-close lid
that never seems
to let me
stand up straight

Tell me
what is
“good enough”
then let me know
when I’m getting close
so I can
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