Poetic Pinup is proud to sponsor Audacity, the next car to be raffled off by Charity Beetle. Click the above image to read all about the build, and donate for your chance to win it.

I’m also giving away three raffle tickets in three separate drawings happening 1 Nov 2023, and you have a chance to win one or all of them the three following ways:
1- Sign up for the mailing list. Everyone who is on the mailing list on 15 Oct 2023 will be entered into the first drawing.
2- Share a post on Instagram. There will be a pinned “Share to win” post on my IG, with instructions on how to share it in order to be entered into the second drawing.
3- Share a post on Facebook. There will be a “Share to win” cover banner on my FB page, with instructions on how to share it in order to be entered into the third drawing.


Wicky is my sister’s cat. He required very expensive emergency surgery on 27 Apr to remove a piece of string he thought it was a good idea to eat. Click the above image to view the fundraiser. Also, until his medical expenses are covered, most shop proceeds* will be going toward covering them.


The Feeding America network is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, and has been relied upon more heavily than ever in recent years. Some wonderful humans have joined me for a fundraiser happening over in the shop. If you are the sort who likes boobs, you should perhaps check it out.

(*Proceeds from items used for The Audacity Sessions photo shoots will be donated to Foundation 18. Proceeds from Say Tata To Hunger downloads will be donated to Feeding America. All other shop proceeds will go toward paying off Wicky’s medical bills.)

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