So I just replied to elebintyzillion comments…

I just finished replying to blog and gallery page comments dating back to 2017. And that, my friends, is not ideal. So this is me, promising to be better.

HARD TRUTH: I am an extremely socially awkward being, and replying to comments is like having conversations with people I sort of know and know I’ll be seeing again.

Having conversations with strangers is easy. You never have to see those people again, so if you say something weird or inadvertently insulting or completely unrelated to the topic at hand, it will only come back to haunt you in your own head. Which is no small place, but at least it’s well-contained.

Conversations with people you sort of know is tough. You will see those people again. They will remember the weird/insulting/non-sequitty thing you said. And of course they will hold it against you forever.

Or maybe they’ll be so worried about the weird/insulting/non-sequitty thing they said, and concerned that you will be holding it against them forever, that whatever thing you may have said has already fallen completely by the wayside.

AND THERE IT IS. That. Right there. THAT is how it actually goes most of the time, and that is what I need to remember.

So this is me, promising to be better about replying to the people who have generously taken the time out of their busy lives to leave a few words in this here website. Your kindness is not ever taken for granted, even when I totally suck at acknowledging it.

But I’m not going to sledgehammer myself into betterness and set myself up to fail by setting a completely unrealistic goal. So for now, as a baby step, my goal is to reply to all comments within a month of them being left. So if you leave a comment, and I do not reply, on the 32nd day you have my permission to do whatever the Internet equivalent is of Nerf-darting my head.

And with that, I guess I’ll see you on August 11 at around midnight…

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