Random Blatherings

Hi my name is Gilfoyle and my new favorite thing is waking up between 5 and 6 in the morning after not letting everyone go to bed until I’ve had my midnight pill

My other hobbies include barking at the wind and making sure I’m within 4 feet of mom’s ear… https://instagr.am/p/COrLcUIARlI/


The theme over at @artofselfportraiture for today is Flowers so yesterday I took a pretty picture with a bunch of the flowers I haven't potted yet.

In my "shoot a color a month" plan, I had floral prints slated for May. As necessary… https://instagr.am/p/COp8bQwgxty/

Happy No Pants Saturday🚫👖🖤 brought to us by @chimisplace and @thegirlcalledlola

Another from 2017. 2017 was a good year in a lot of ways.

Speaking of good things, be sure to check Chimi's stories later today for lots more no pants goodness.

📸 @see… https://instagr.am/p/COnfpjPA0Rg/

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