Win-Win-Win-Win-Win Gallery Sponsorship

PLEASE NOTE: This program is currently on hold until further notice.


Ever say to yourself “This Harlean person is all right. But what would be really cool is if I could choose what she wore for her next shoot, support a website that supports others, promote myself and my business, and raise some money for a great cause, all at the same time. If only there were some way…”

Well, now there is. The Win-Win-Win-Win-Win Gallery Sponsorship & Fundraiser Program.


1 – You provide a wardrobe piece for a shoot, either a purchased item or, if you are a maker of things, a thing that you’ve made.

2 – I do a shoot with said wardrobe piece.

3 – You get to see the photos before they are shown anywhere else, and receive a signed 8×10 print of the image of your choice. If you have made the wardrobe piece, you will also receive a release allowing you to use the images as promotional photos on your website.

4 – When the photo set is posted to the site, “This Gallery Brought To You By YOUR NAME HERE” will be at the top of the page, along with your logo and a link to your website. (If the wardrobe piece is for Gratuitous Butt Shot Thursdays, the images will be posted in a subsection of that gallery and your credit will be included there.)

5 – Your logo and link will also be added to the Friends section of the site, and we will mention you any and every time the photos are posted on social media.

6 – The wardrobe pieces gifted to me is then sold/auctioned off, and all proceeds donated to the charity of your choice.

I win by being able to create new photo galleries for the site. You win by choosing what you want those galleries to look like. You win AGAIN with publicity for yourself and your business. If you’re a vendor, you win yet AGAIN by having a ready-made set of product shots. And then we all get to help a charity win. A classic win-win-win-win-win situation.


1 – There is a Wish List on Amazon (affiliate link) filled with things I’d be delighted to wear. Items purchased from that list will ship directly to me, so if you order one, please be sure to follow up with me via email at [email protected] so I can get all your details, links, charity info, etc.

2 – If there is a wardrobe item elsewhere that caught your eye, PLEASE email me at [email protected] before purchasing anything. This is to verify sizes, make sure it’s something I can wear without dying (there are certain materials I’m horrifically sensitive to) or looking terrible (there are some styles I know don’t work well with my body type and I’d hate for you to be disappointed), etc.

3 – If you are a maker of things interested in sending a wardrobe piece, please email me at [email protected] so I can provide/receive all the above info.

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