In 2022, Charity Beetle announced that they were looking for sponsors for their next build, a hot pink 1967 turbo-charged chop top Beetle named Audacity. “Poetic Pinup is proud to sponsor Audacity” is not something we could pass up the opportunity to say.

To promote the fundraiser, much of our 2023 will be dedicated to hot pink photo sets. This was the first of those sets. Proceeds from the sale of all wardrobe & props from these sets will be donated to Foundation 18.

Photography by Jerry Seeger

Amazon Vine items used for this shoot
(What’s this?)
Kissqiqi sequined satin jacket
Star sunglasses
Rhinestone tassel earrings
LemonGirl rhinestone fishnets
Fandamei press-on nails
Hopolon curtain string lights
Accevo spike balloons

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